Verb to be in Italian.

Discover the verb to be at Indicative present in Italian

verb to be in italian

The verb to be in Italian: learn it now

Here all you need to know about this verb in Italian. Learn it in 5 minutes.

Do you know what the most important verb in the Italian language is? The verb “to be in Italian Yes, my friend. Try to think how many times you use it in your language daily, and you will understand how important it is to use it in Italian.

Besides, let’s face it, it’s more important “to be” than to “have,” isn’t it?

Let’s learn it together and watch the final video for pronunciation. In a few minutes you will already know the verb to be in Italian at the present indicative

Italian verb to be you are he is noi siamo you are they are

Discover the conjunction of the verb to be step by step

The first singular person present simple

Let’s start from the first person;


Io sono


Io sono un impiegato

I’m an employee

in this case you’re indicating your profession

The second singular person present simple

The second person singular

Italian verb to be


Tu sei intelligente

You’re smart.

In this case you have the verb “to be + the adjective”

The third singular person present simple

The third person singular in the spoken language uses “him and her”, while in the grammatical conjugation you will find him/her.

Italian verb to be


Lui / lei è a casa

He/she is at home

He/she is at home

Egli / Ella / esso è a casa 

He/She it is at home

The first plural person present simple

The first plural person is;


Italian verb to be



Noi siamo a scuola

We are at school

As you can see in this case we use verb “to be + place complement”


The second plural person present simple

The second person plural is;

Italian verb to be


Voi siete stupiti

You are amazed

The third-plural person present simple

Finally the third person plural in common language uses Loro but in grammar uses Essi Esse

Italian verb to be


Being an irregular verb, you have to learn it by heart. How about finding out the pronunciation? Watch the video.


What do you think?

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