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The 6 most common greetings in Italian

Do you want to greetings in Italian? Here all you need to make a good impression with a native Italian

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#6 Arrivederci


When you are leaving, whether if it’s the afternoon or the evening, in a more formal situation or with your future in-laws, 😊 you can also say “ARRIVEDERCI.” You will hear it mostly while going out of a store. Arrivederci means that whoever is using it to greet you, is hoping to see you again


Quando ti congedi, che sia giorno, pomeriggio o notte, in una situazione più formale  o con i tuoi futuri suoceri 😊, puoi usare la parola ARRIVEDERCI. La sentirai spesso quando uscirai da un negozio. Arrivederci significa che chi ti saluta si augura di rivederti.

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