Challenge your Italian grammar: this and that

Do you want to try yourself in Italian grammar? Let’s do it with this fun quiz about this and that

They are called demonstrative in Italian. Remember female and male forms are different.

If you don’t remember how they work in Italian please read this post and click here

Enjoy your quiz

  • Question of

    That in Italian is

    • quello
    • questo
  • Question of

    Those in Italian is

    • Quello
    • Questi
    • Quella
  • Question of

    This is the same in Italian for female and male form?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Quel cane è bello. In this case the demonstrative is

    • An adjective
    • A pronoun
  • Question of

    Quelle is the feminine plural form for…

    • These
    • Those
  • Question of

    This girl – what is the right form in Italian?

    • Quei ragazzi
    • Quelle ragazze
    • Quella ragazza
    • Questo ragazzo
    • Questa ragazza
    • Questa ragazza

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