Discovering Italian family

The names of the family in Italian

One of the most important things to the Italians is the family. (The other two are football and food). Do you want to learn all the names of the family members in Italian? Here they are one by one. Discover the pronunciation in the funny video. You will know in 5 minutes what to call each person in the Italian family.

Let’s start with an assumption. The Italian family is sacred to the Italians, but it is also very big! Even if family members live far away, all Italian families stay together for exaggerated binges at Christmastime!

How to say Mom and mother



Who is the first member of the family? Mom! Here is how it is said in Italian.


Mom in Italian


There is also a more formal version – mother, but you will never hear this form to call a mom. Doing an idiomatic sentence in Italian? The mother is always the mother! Isn’t it so?

Mother in Italian


Plural form

Do you want to know the plural version?

La madre (the mother) is Le madri (the mothers)

La mamma (The mom) is Le mamme.

How to say dad

Let’s move on to dad. Whether he’s playful or strict, he always protects us.


dad in Italian



There is a more formal version – father, but you will never hear this form in the family.

father in Italian

Plural form

  • The plural for the father is; i padri,
  • For the dad it’s i papà

How to say son and daughter


Mom and dad have their children who in Italian are….

  • The son – il filgio
  • The sons – I figli
  • The daughter – la figlia
  • The daughters- le figlie


Brother and sisters in Italian family


And then?


The brother and the sister.

Do you want to know them in Italian?

Here we are

  • The brother – il fratello

The plural form is;

  • The brothers- I fratelli

Time to introduce the sister.

  • The sister is La sorella
  • The plural form is; the sisters – le sorelle


We love grandparents

Do you want to know other very special persons in the family? Shall we talk about grandparents? They are the wisdom of the family.

The grandfather and the grandmother

In Italian they are;


  • The granfather- il nonno
  • The plural version is; The granfather – i nonni
  • The grandmother – la nonna
  • The plural is; The grandmothers – le nonne

Who are i nipoti in the Italian family?

The children of their children are the grandchildren. The word has no difference in the name for granddaughter and grandson in Italian. The name is always nipote in the singular form and nipoti in the plural form. The difference is in the use of the determinative article. It is la nipote for granddaughter and il nipote for grandson.

We use the same words for niece and nephew.

Discovering aunt and uncle

It is the uncle and aunt’s turn. How could you live without your aunt’s kisses? Could you live without your uncle’s funny jokes?

Uncle and aunt’s children are cousins. How nice it is to play all together!

We cannot forget the aunt and the uncle.

  • The uncle in Italian is lo zio
  • And the plural version is gli zii
  • For the aunt we have; la zia
  • And the plural form is; le zie

To sum up

Time to watch the video about Italian family

Are you ready to hear what they’re called? Give it a try!


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